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On-Site Party Booking

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This product listing is for a holiday ornament booking reservation.


It is that time of year again where we are getting ready for the holidays. What better way to do this than to be with friends and family. Invite everyone over to celebrate this wonderful time of year. It is a great way to get everyone together during this busy time and get some amazing custom gifts at the same time.

We can do different themed parties for those looking at different items, Ornaments, Coffee Mugs, Photo Panels, Pillows, just about anything you can think of.

As a host of the event, you bring the guests and wine (or other drinks), We will bring all of the items needed AND do all the making (a WIN-WIN). Just make sure everyone has their photos they would like printed on the ornaments. We will make them right there and your guests will leave with their gifts that night.

There is no cost to host the event, in fact, you will earn free products for hosting based on the number of sales for the night. We can do roughly 8-10 people per party max.

Ladies think of this as a time to get away and have some wine with friends for a few hours while doing some thoughtful holiday shopping. You can give the designed ornaments as a gift or start a new family tradition!

Parties can start anytime, and will last about 4-5 hours.

Message me for additional details and to schedule an event.