80 Piece Photo Puzzle


A traditional cardboard Jigsaw Puzzle comes Printed with your image(s) Ready assembled on a piece of card inside a clear plastic wrapper ideal for giving to your loved ones.

Personalize it with any Artwork / Photo, name and/or message you wish. You can have a single image or multi image collage printed onto it. The printable area is approximately 9.5"x7.5"

For best results I recommend the images you send are in at least 300 dpi or 1200 x 600 pixels or higher.


Instructions for creating your proof:

  • Upload image

    1. Select Choose File (iOS) or Browse (PC) to upload your image.
    2. Once you upload your image the editor will appear to allow you to crop and position your image. Use the tool to size and position your image (it will keep the aspect ratio as required for the picture).
    3. Once your image is how you would like it you can press the check mark to go back to the page and see it live.
  • Edit Text

    1. Select your font you would like from the drop down list.
    2. Top Text Area - Type text here and it will appear on your proof in the image to the left (The more text you put in the smaller the letters).
    3. Select the color you would like the text.
  • Add the item to the cart.