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Selecting the Right Case

Fashion and Protection

Do you need a durable, lightweight case that cradles your phone? The rubber case is the best option for you. In white or black, it covers the sides of your phone and provides a small lip around the edge of the screen, offering slightly more screen protection.
The feel of the case is soft, but offers grip on the side so the phone is less likely to slip. The rubber case is more protective against accidental falls, while still offering a slimmer profile than the typical rugged or heavy duty case.

Sleek and Chic!

If you're the friend who's careful with the phone all the time, and just want something that looks fantastic, the plastic gloss case is for you! Slim, lightweight and budget friendly, this solution is made of tough polycarbonate plastic and is designed for ultimate port access even when charging!

While the plastic case emphasizes style over safety, it does offer a small raised edge around the screen that can help protect against accidental scratching when the phone is placed face down.